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When to replace your car key

Updated: Mar 11

Car keys are crucial in the operation of your car, and there is little you can do without your car keys. However, anything could go wrong with your car keys. They could break, bend, be damaged, and sometimes wear off from normal usage. If you are worried about car lockouts, then you have to keep your keys working in perfect condition.

Any problem with your car key, such as a misplaced or lost key, can limit access to your car. Therefore, you need to replace them or get a car key made. Replacing a car key is not a complicated or difficult task if you have the skill and tools. But when should you replace your car keys?

My car key is not working or functioning.

Even though car keys are long-lasting, you cannot decisively say they will work years on. They will wear down, and the cut on the key will not turn in the ignition. The pins and springs on the ignition cylinder lock might not align with the cut on the keys and thus render the key useless. As a result, you will have to call your reliable locksmith for car key duplication, and spare key made.

Also, other hi-security car keys use car key Fobs and chip keys. Others could be laser-etched such that the car scans the key to start, lock and unlock it. An issue with remote key, might lock you out of your car, or otherwise, render a smart key almost useless. For these types of car keys, it is crucial to check if the batteries of your car remote are dead, before going for car key remote replacement.

If you face these situations, then this is the best time to consider replacing your car keys.

A misplaced or lost car key.

It is difficult to trace a misplaced or lost car key. Even though finding a lost or misplaced key is possible, it might take time. Therefore, it is essential to consider car key replacement services right away.

In such a scenario, you will decide between going the dealership way or call a reliable locksmith for replacement services. In fact, you might not need the original key to get a new one.

If you lost your key, then this is the best time to replace your car keys. But what should you know before going for car key replacement services?

Get the VIN.

Before you call your car locksmith for car key replacement services, you will have to obtain the VIN. You can quickly get this from the engine of your car or the dashboard. From here, you will get your car models, the year of make, and of course, the exact make.

If the car is old, you can check the VIN from the insurance policy and also from the car’s title.

Contact your locksmith.

Certainly, you cannot replace the key yourself without the skill and the tools. You will need to call a local auto locksmith in San Jose for expert car key replacement services. However, you will have to make sure that the locksmith can replace the key. Otherwise, you will have to go to your car dealership.

An automotive locksmith will be able to program a new key Fob, cut a new chip key, re-flash your car computer, and also remap the ECU.

If the key is complex, contact your dealership.

A locksmith can replace not all car keys. Most cars nowadays are using a keyless entry mechanism. If the batteries are not dead and the fob is not responding, you will have to order a new one from the dealer.

For laser-etched car keys and other hi-end car keys, you will have to ask your dealership for key replacement services. However, this might take as long as a week and is costly as compared to getting it from a local locksmith.

Before you decide to go for car key replacement services, do not compromise on your car security. Ensure you are getting reliable and expert services from your replacement provider. Also, it is crucial to decide between price and reliability. You can choose to go the locksmith way since it is relatively cheap, but it is more reliable and efficient to go the dealership way.

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