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What are the various types of door locks?

When you decide to install a new set of locks or replace the ones you have at home, you might find yourself at loggerheads trying to choose one. Not only are there thousands of options to choose from, depending on the security grade, but also hundreds when it comes to the manufacturers and brands. Also, the locks vary in the level of ease to operate, the technology used to keep you safe, and, most importantly, the prices. Do you want a lock that has a more straightforward installation or a complicated lock? Are you looking for a sophisticated look or a simple but secure option? All these can be considerations to make when you set out to get a new lock for your home, office, or even car. So, what are these different types of locks that you can choose from?


Padlocks are the easiest of the locks to operate. They have several wafers in their build to hold a curved section in place. When installing a padlock, you will need a latch that moves from your door into the wall. Then, the padlock holds the latch in position. These locks require that you have a key with the right tooth arrangement that matches the pins to open. In case you lose the key, you can easily pick the lock and replicate the key. Padlocks come in various types, the majority of which offer the lowest grade of security. The pins in the lock hold a groove on the curved part in place to prevent it from opening. Additionally, there is the keyed type of locks and the keyless padlocks that require a code to disengage the pins on the groove.


Deadbolt locks are major in residential applications. They have a latch that slides into a space in the wall holding the door in place. These types of locks come in two models, the single-cylinder, and double cylinder. The single-cylinder deadbolt locks only need you to have a key when opening the lock from the outside. On the other hand, the double cylinder requires that you have a key when opening the lock from either side of the door. Due to their resistance to picking, they tend to offer a better level of security compared to their padlock counterparts.

Keyless locks

With the improvement in technology in the lock industry, locks are not becoming easier to operate. Nowadays, you no longer have to worry about your keys, losing them, or having them jam your locks. On the contrary, all you need are your fingerprint or your retinal scan. This is because there is a new brand of keyless locks storming the market. These locks do not need a key to operate from either side. For instance, the magnetic door locks. These use electromagnets on the door to lock it shut. The magnet disengages when a thumbprint matches the one presorted into the database. Hence you worry less unlimited access to your home by tracking down your key. Instead, you can scrape them off your database, hence achieving access control to your property.

These locks keep getting better and better. Imagine if you had a lock that measured your body parameters and decided whether or not to open. Well, with the development in the industry, soon, you will be able to prevent incidences of forceful entry or even robberies.

Doorknob locks

Doorknob locks tend to be one of the oldest locks in the market. They are mainly for residential applications, where high levels of security are not an issue. When operating a doorknob from the outside, you need a key to turn the pins and springs in the lock and pull the latch into the door. Then, you twist the knob to open the door, which will then close once you are inside. On the inside, you can either use your key to lock the door again or not.

Push Bars

These are a unique security feature locks mostly found in commercial buildings. They involve a handle on the door, which opens the lock when some you apply some force. The downward movement of the bar raises the latch that locks the door in place, hence opening it. They are for emergency exits, where there is no time to locate the key in the stampede.

With these and many more, now you can get a lock of your choice for your home.

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