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The difference between a latch and Deadbolt lock

Updated: Mar 11

The difference between a latch and a deadbolt lock.

The security of your home or business should be a primary concern when installing a lock. But there are several types of locks for home and business. Deadbolt locks and latch locks are some of the common locks that you can install in your home. A deadbolt is even more secure than any other lock. They are difficult to break, pick, and cannot be jimmied with a knife or any other object. Without the right key, you cannot open the lock. The knob of the deadbolt cannot also be bored or battered. However, they could be opened by bumping. As such, you will have to choose a bump-resistant deadbolt lock.

Door-latch locks, on the other hand, are widely used. However, the bar latch locks are used as secondary locks to complement the security of the primary latch. Depending on your home security needs, you should be able to find the right latch lock that matches your style.

Types of deadbolt and latch locks.

There are several types of the deadbolt and latch locks available in the market today. Below is an in-depth guide to some of the standard locks.

Single-Latch locks.

These are the most common types of locks used in residential and commercial spaces. Depending on the lock design, you will get your specific lock from different manufacturers. However, each of the single latch locks offers the same function and security measure.

These types of locks have round metal ends and open from a spring-loaded in it. When installed on a door, the latch will slide past the hollow plate on the door frame, thus securely locking the door. They are also fitted with a doorknob in the inside of the house to help unlock the door automatically. However, you can only open it from the outside with a key.

The only problem with using this type of lock is the fact that if the handle or doorknob is turned, it will unlock the door. Therefore, if a burglar accesses your house from a window, they can open the door hassle-free.

Deadbolt locks.

As opposed to latching locks, a standard deadbolt lock is not spring-loaded. Also, they have no door handles or knobs to open from the inside or outside. This feature makes them more secure. With a solid metal that slides into the hollow plate on the door frame, you will require a key to lock and unlock the door.

If you are using a deadbolt lock, you will have to use a key every to open it from the outside and inside. However, there are those locks with turn-style knobs that help unlock from the inside. Even though these keys are more secure, they are often used as secondary locks for homes and businesses.

Hi-security deadbolt locks.

These are some of the best locks to use when you need burglar-proof locks. Moreover, when you need an added level of security, this is the perfect lock. A high-security deadbolt lock has specific pin configuration, hardened rim cylinder, and distinctive design limiting manipulation.

It is important to note that it is difficult for burglars to replicate or cut their keys. However, it will be equally challenging to reproduce a new key when you need a spare. Moreover, you will have to call a professional locksmith for installation services. They require a particular skill, as well as a set of tools.

Surface-mounted deadbolt lock.

The characteristic feature about standard locks is the fact that they are locked from the door-frame. However, these types of locks can easily be hammered, drilled, or sewn until the bolt releases the frame. Therefore, they are less secure. On the contrary, surface mounted deadbolts cannot be accessed from the outside. They lock from the inside of the door, and not into the frame.

These are more secure. Depending on your security needs, there are those fitted with double cylinder bolts. Also, you will find one that has a turn-style knob to open from the inside. But, you will always need a key to unlock it from the outside.

With these two lock types, you should be able to lock your home or business securely. If you are looking for deadbolt installation services in San Jose, then BDS Locksmith is your best professional.

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