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Residential Re-key Service in San Jose

When dealing with new homes, we can often forget the importance of checking the locks to ensure that they are functional. However, the functionality of the locks does not guarantee their safety. That is why it is essential to consider some changes when you move to a new home, experience a break-in, or even have a terrible feeling about something. However, we do not always have the best options to choose from, especially if you go in with no prior knowledge. However, you can consult with an expert who will give their thoughts and ideas on what suits your property best. Usually, this is after considering all possible variables used to determine the type of lock you can install.

Why go for the lock re-key services option?

Over time, thugs keep developing new methods to break into high-security areas. For instance, they can study the locking mechanism of the locks and try to pick the lock when they break-in. However, you can never be too safe. You can go for a rekeying service, which retains the basic operation of your lock, but instead changes The combination of the lock. So, if they had a predetermined combination for your lock or key, then they are in for a shock. Also, if you are looking to upgrade the security systems in your home, but lack the funds to carry out a full lock replacement, then a rekeying service is the way to go.

By rekeying your locks, you not only improve the safety of your household and offices but also get a new key, that helps regulate the number of people with access to your premises. Besides, if you wanted a master key for your offices, the one way to go about it is by rekeying your door locks to operate with a single key.

So, what is lock re-key?

Rekeying is a sub-procedure for gaining key and access control to your property. During a rekeying service, an expert dismantles the lock from the door. They remove the old pins and springs from the lock and then replace the pins and wafers that create a unique combination for each lock. These combinations are new and, therefore, require a new key to operate. After they reassemble the locks, they fix the lock on the door and make a new key for the lock.

What are some of the benefits of rekeying?

One of the primary reasons why you should go for a rekeying service rather than a lock replacement is its cost-effectiveness. Besides maintaining your old hardware, yet getting a new combination for your lock, you also walk away with a security upgrade. That means that it saves you cash and keeps you safe. Other than that, it becomes easier to replace the pins and spring sin the locks compared to an entire bolt. That, Besides the possibility of getting a master key system, makes lock rekeying more favorable when you have less time to make changes.

How much does it cost to have your locks rekeyed?

Depending on the complexity of your locks, the price range for any lock rekeying varies from one locksmith to another. While some include the charges for the materials and some insurance fees on your end, others have all the activities insured. As a result, you only buy the components and pay for the labor. Any damages or extra charges should raise the alarm on the service provider’s end. Also, the cost will depend on the quality of materials you use. Should you go for the best locks in the market, then the hardware becomes more expensive, and consequently, the cost of rekeying. Lastly, depending on the offers the locksmiths have, either on the products or services, you can always get yourself an excellent deal to rekey your locks, for a price ranging between $19 to $100, a price affected by many factors.

Disadvantages of easily rekeyed locks

Finally, with any lock that you can rekey, there is always the risk of your lock snapping. Since these locks have cylinders, burglars tend to apply more pressure on the lock cylinder, which snaps them and opens the lock in the process. Also, as a homeowner, you may worry about lock picking. Pin and tumbler locks are susceptible to lock picking, despite their ease of rekeying. Finally, they are easy to attack using blowtorches.

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