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How to avoid locking your car keys in the car

Updated: Mar 11

While enjoying the benefits that come with driving your car, many things could go wrong. Car lockouts are common problems, and also the worst if you cannot find a quick solution. Even though you might be a savvy driver and carry your spare key with you, it will be challenging if the keys are locked in the car.

Besides locking your car keys in the trunk or the car, the lock could be jammed, the key could break in the ignition, the key could be worn-out, or the key could be stuck on the car door lock or in the ignition.

However, if you are worried about locked keys in car or trunk, then here is what to keep in mind. These tips will save you the help you avoid locking your car keys in the car, ignition, or trunk.

Always use your car key fob.

This is a potentially viable option to avoid locking your car keys. If the fob is attached to your car key, make sure that you are using to lock and unlock your car. This method will ensure that you always have the key with you. Consequently, you won’t lock them in the car or trunk.

It is also essential to do a quick check on where your car keys are after getting out of the car. Ensure that the keys are in your hand, purse, or perhaps in the pocket.

Keep the car keys with you.

The reason why I emphasize on having the keys on you after leaving the car is that most people will place keys on the seat and then forget. Most of the car lock system is set to auto-lock after a brief moment, and thus your keys will be locked in. It is recommended that once you turn off the ignition, keep them in your purse, hold them in your hand, or keep them in the pocket.

You can also use a key chain to ensure that you have the keys with you anytime you are leaving the car.

Car key fob not working.

Are you having trouble unlocking the car from the key fob? The chances are that the batteries are dead. When the batteries are depleted, the fob will neither lock nor unlock the car. In such a case, it is always important to check that the batteries are not dead.

If you notice that your car key fob is not working, you do not want to use the key blade to unlock your car. Consult a reliable locksmith for car key fob replacement services. With a new key fob, you should be able to lock and unlock the car conveniently.

Try to join a car club in your area.

Car clubs are popular nowadays, and you can take advantage of the services that they provide. With an annual subscription, you should be able to enjoy a variety of services including locked keys in car or trunk retrieval.

Mostly, some of these auto clubs provide free car unlock service. In case you misplace or lock your keys, they will send a professional technician to your location. Moreover, you can always choose a plan that works best for you.

Have a reliable locksmith to call.

This is one of the best ways in which you can solve a car lockout problem. Having their contact in your phone or programmed into it means that your solution is a phone call away.

Locksmiths are trained, certified, and skilled to fix any problem with car lock and key issues. There is no big problem for a professional locksmith. In case of a broken, old and worn-out car keys, they can duplicate, cut and program your car key fob easily.

Are you looking for a certified locksmith in San Jose?

They can fix major components of your car's locking mechanism. If it is a broken key in the ignition, or want cylinder lock re-key, they are the experts to call.

Since you can pay the locksmith from your pocket as opposed to contributing to a car club, it is affordable with a locksmith. Consequently, you will not make annual contributions to whatever auto club.

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