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Common Problems With A Car Ignition Switch

Updated: Mar 11

Do you wonder any time you turn the key in the ignition that some of your car accessories switch ON? This is the work of an ignition switch. This component directs power to other parts of your car and also draws power from the battery. Moreover, the ignition powers the starter when you turn the key in the ignition.

Any problem with the ignition switch might cause several issues with your car. The car might fail to start; it might stall mid-way your journey, or cause other electrical issues. As such, we can decisively say that the ignition is one of the essential components of your car ignition system. If you need to avoid getting stranded in the middle of nowhere, then you have to understand some of the symptoms of a failing ignition switch.

How does an ignition switch work?

Like any other switch, this component acts as an On/Off switch for your car. Even though it is a basic on and off the system, an ignition switch will power On a series of accessories in the car. For the hi-end cars with a Push-to-start button, their ignition switch work in a similar way. However, their circuits are more complex.

Identify Ignition switch problems.

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Are you worried about car lockouts? You do not want to be locked out of anywhere and far from help. It is crucial to ensure any signs of problems with your car always progress becoming severe. In the case of an ignition switch, make sure you identify and fix the issues before it deteriorates.

Below are some issues that will help you identify problems with your ignition switch. Although you may have no skill, you will notice the issues listed below;

The car is stalling.

If you are disappointed that your car is always stalling or dying on its own, then there are chances the problem is with the ignition switch. The car will turn off on its own or start, and before you start moving, it dies. A problem with the ignition switch, the vehicle will not show any signs of power loss. It will just power off.

The car is not starting whatsoever.

A car won’t start won’t start for several reasons. However, if you have searched for all possible reasons why it won’t start such as a dead battery, then it is a problem with the ignition switch. The car will crank or fail to start altogether. If the parts of the ignition switch will not be in proper contact, then the car won’t start.

An electrical malfunction with car accessories.

The switch is responsible for power On and Off the circuits within your car. A problem with the ignition switch will cause issues with the electrical systems in the car. Whichever model of your vehicle whether hi-end or basic, can cause total or partial power failure of your vehicle.

Even though these are the most common problems with a faulty ignition switch, there could be numerous problems with your car. For modern car models, it might display the problem on the dash, making it easy to notice the problem. In case of a bad ignition switch, you will have to replace it. But it is crucial to test the switch before replacing it.

How to replace an ignition switch.

A problem with your ignition switch will need a quick replacement before it becomes worse. However, replacing an ignition switch can be plainly simple as removing the top cover on the steering wheel, or as complex as breaking apart the entire steering column.

Since this is the most common part of your car ignition system, it is essential to have an expert handle the task. With a local car locksmith in San Jose, they should be able to replace the switch and other components within the ignition. Or else, you could take it to your dealer if you are not confident your locksmith will replace it successfully.

Before replacing the switch, it is vital to check its condition, and also verify the operations of other accessories and electrical components. Also, make sure that you replace the switch with an exact match that will work in your car.

After replacing the switch, you should make sure that all components and accessories are in perfect working condition.

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